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Strasburg, PA

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

In this role, you will be primarily responsible for programming new phone systems according to customer specifications and preparing them for shipment. You will also address and resolve customer challenges, providing technical support and maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction. This position requires technical proficiency, problem-solving skills, and a strong commitment to delivering quality support.


  • Programming and Shipping New Orders: Program new phone systems to meet specific customer requirements and prepare them for shipment, ensuring they are configured correctly and ready for immediate use.

  • Solve Customer Challenges: Diagnose and resolve issues reported by customers, applying problem-solving skills to provide effective solutions quickly.

  • Provide Outstanding Tech Support: Deliver high-quality technical support and ensure customers have a great experience with our products, from troubleshooting to guiding them through features and functionalities.

About the Company

We are looking for team members to join us in fulfilling our mission of being an innovative and premier communications service provider to the Plain Communities throughout the USA. RingTele internal mission is providing a God honoring work environment that provides stability, growth, and personal development for each of our team members.

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