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Sales Assistant

Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

As a Sales Assistant, you will play a key role in our sales department, assisting with a variety of tasks that ensure the smooth operation and success of our sales efforts. Your responsibilities will include generating quotes for phone systems and services, following up on sales, ensuring client satisfaction, handling sales calls across all product lines, and assisting with the management of trade shows.


  • Quoting Phone Systems and Services: Accurately generate and provide quotes for our phone systems and services to potential clients.

  • Sales Follow-Up: Engage with clients post-sale to ensure satisfaction and resolve any issues, fostering strong relationships and encouraging repeat business.

  • Client Satisfaction: Act as a point of contact for clients, ensuring their needs are met and their experience with our company is positive.

  • Handling Sales Calls: Efficiently manage incoming sales calls for all our product lines and services, providing information, resolving queries, and capturing sales opportunities.

  • Trade Show Management Assistance: Support the organization and execution of trade shows, including logistics, materials preparation, and onsite assistance.

About the Company

We are looking for team members to join us in fulfilling our mission of being an innovative and premier communications service provider to the Plain Communities throughout the USA. RingTele internal mission is providing a God honoring work environment that provides stability, growth, and personal development for each of our team members.

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